Pars Diagnostics

Pars Diagnostics  is a brand name for diagnostic Products with high quality at affordable price. Development and use of liquid stable ready to use chemistry reagents was the opportunity to explore the feasibility of this very idea.
This very core commitments had its route in  serving  patients care and ease laboratory personal efforts to provide more accurate and precise results  at each and every laboratory across the world.

To Ensure our core commitment of providing high quality reagents we have been associated with group of International companies and Individuals with excellent know-how in, production, quality control and innovative ideas in development and research in liquid chemistry and immunoturbidometric reagents.
We are determined to push forward the development and expansion of liquid stable ready-to-use, chemistry reagents. We would not hesitate to extend our Co-operation with companies who have same motivations and could help in expansion of our core commitment.

A Guiding Light In Diagnostics Field